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Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops

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Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops Recipe -

I first made these sugar lollipops for my kids garden party some years ago (read it here). Back then, I didn't have a lollipop mold or a candy thermometer, but they turned out great nonetheless!

Fast forward six years, and  now that I own a proper mold, the possibilities are endless, my friends! 
Like adding edible flowers and Spring bloom to make it into a more grown-up version ;)

Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops Recipe -

Lately I'm so inspired by flowers and trying to come up with season ideas on how to incorporate them into party recipes and decor. Hence this post!

The flavors I chose for this lollipop recipe are lemon and honey, because they look so pretty with edible daisies, rosemary flowers and dandelions in them, dont you think?

But you could pretty much use any edible flower (or sprinkles and other treats) and vary the flavors, or even add color (like I did here) to suit your party!
Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops Recipe -

But it's mega important, you only use flowers that are organically grown only. 
Don't go picking up dirty flowers from the side of the road...

The site Dirt Doctor has a great page and advice on edible flowers here.


1.  Not all flowers are edible. Some are poisonous. Learn the difference.

2.  Eat flowers only when you are positive they are edible and non-toxic.

3.  Eat only flowers that have been grown organically.

4.  Do not eat flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers unless you know they’ve been maintained organically.

5.  Do not eat flowers if you have hay fever, asthma or allergies.

6.  Do not eat flowers growing on the side of the road.

7.  Remove pistils and stamens from flowers before eating. Eat only the petals of the larger flowers.

8.  Introduce flowers into your diet the way you would new foods to a baby - one at a time in small quantities.

NOTE:  Pregnant women should avoid all strong herbs and no plant should be ingested in excess by anyone at anytime. 

Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops Recipe -

Now on with the recipe!

Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops Recipe

Makes 8 (2 inch / 5 cm) round lollipops


* 1 cup of white sugar
* 1/3 cup of water
* 1 tablespoon of honey
* 3-4 drops of lemon flavoring oil (same as used in cakes)
* washed and dried, organic flower heads of choice (I used daisies and dandelions)


* lollipop mold (mine was for 1 inch round / 5 cm lollipops)
* cooking spray or oil for greasing the molds
* cup of cold water and tea spoon for testing sugar temperature (or a candy thermometer)

Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops Recipe -

1) Place sugar, water and honey into a small saucepan and stir. Bring to boil for about 5 minutes (without stirring, otherwise crystallization will occur and ruin the mix!) until the hard candy stage is reached. Then take off the heat and add the lemon oil. Swirl the pan to mix, but do not stir with a spoon.

Without candy thermometer: Test it by placing a few drops of the boiling sugar into the cup of cold water. If it hardens, then it's ready. Mine took about 5 minutes boiling to reach this stage.

With candy thermometer: If using a candy thermometer, before you bring the mixture to a boil, place the thermometer inside the pan. Then boil until the sugar reaches 302 degrees F or 150 deg C.

2) Meanwhile, lightly grease the lollipop mold, and arrange the flower heads and petals, facing down into each mold. 

3) Place a teaspoon of the sugar mixture into each mold and swirl the lollipop sticks around to get coated. Add a little more sugar to cover the back of the flowers and fill the mold to the top.

4) Leave the pops in the mold until set. I placed mine in the fridge for 5 minutes. 

Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops Recipe -

These floral lollipops look so pretty, and taste so yum!
 Perfect for a Spring tea or garden party! :)

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  1. These are super cute! I love the idea.

  2. Replies
    1. me too! :) can't wait to try other flavors!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love how light and delicate they look.

  4. These look like so much fun, and are so pretty!

    1. Yeah, keeping it colorless makes the most pretty clear pops!


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