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DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations

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DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations -

Flamingos are my latest obsession. I think it's mainly due the fact that it's the perfect summer party theme. And that they're pink, of course! Not sure they'd be such a hit if they were a different color ;)

So for our flamingo pool party last weekend, we (my 8 year old daughter and I) made some DIY flamingo table decorations and headbands that double duty as photo booth props!

DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations -

Using Bird's Party new flamingo printables especially designed for making large table decor (or headbands..) made the job so much easier!! It was a super easy, fun DIY craft and the possibilities are endless when it comes to using these cute flamingos for your party!

DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations -

DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations


* printable flamingo templates
* double-sided tape or glue stick
* half circle polystyrene shapes (from most craft stores or Amazon)
* pink acrylic paint
* paintbrush
* pink feathers
* hot glue gun
* headband

DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations -

DIY Directions:

1) Print and cut your flamingo party printable templates according to instructions on the printable kit. Glue the templates to the top of each half circle polystyrene shape.

2) Paint the polystyrene semi-circles with the pink acrylic paint and paintbrush. Let it dry for 30 minutes or so.

3) Repeat the pint process to get full coverage on the semi-circles.

4) Hot glue feathers tot he pink semi-circles, superimposing them to cover most of the base,  pressing each feather firmly for a few seconds to secure in place.

Your cute flamingo party decorations can be used as they are as table decor, like in the photos below.

DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations -


5) Hot glue the flamingo decorations to headbands to make cute party favors and photo booth props.

DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations -


6) Insert and glue wooden skewers to the polystyrene base, and use the cute flamingos as lawn decorations.

DIY Flamingo Birthday Party Decorations -

Hope you've enjoyed this DIY, and if you make this project, tag us on Instagram #BirdsPartyTweeps so we can see your creations! :)

Click here to download your flamingo party printables!

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are just the cutest ideas! I love flamingos too. I just stayed at the Flamingo hotel in was so much fun. Visiting from Make It Pretty Monday.

  2. These are so adorable!! I have recently become obsessed with flamingos too! Check out my tablescape I did with them last week! Together we could throw one heck of a Flamingo party!

  3. I don't even have a flamingo obsession and I love these. Oh, wait. Now, I actually DO have a flamingo obsession.

  4. Supercute! I'm a sucker for flamingos, I can't resist :)

  5. Where did you get the pink sunglasses?

    1. in France :) it was really cheap so you can probably find it at dollar store?


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