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Monochromatic White Christmas Dinner Menu & Recipes

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Monochromatic White Christmas Dinner Menu & Recipes -

Following on from the yesterday's White Christmas Tablescape, here are the recipe I created for the White Party Menu: Starter, Main and Desserts - Yes, you gotta have at least two!! It's Christmas after all! :)

These are tried and tested, easy to make, inexpensive and so yummy! Now, I'm itching to do other monochromatic menus like red, orange and green....

Monochromatic White Christmas Dinner Menu & Recipes -

Starter Recipe - Mushroom Cappuccino with Parmesan Tuiles:

For 6 people - Preparation: 20 mins. Cooking Time: 20 mins.

300g of white button mushrooms  chopped * 40g of dried Cèpes (type of mushroom) * 2 Tbsp of dried chicken bouillon * 2 chopped Shallots * 30g of Butter * 8 level Tbsp of freshly grated Parmesan * 40cl liquid cream * Salt and pepper to taste 

Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 or 180 Deg °C. On a non-stick baking tray, place 6 level tablespoons of Parmesan spaced out to prevent them from sticking together, and place in the oven for about 2 mins or until golden. Take the out and leave to cool on a wire rack. 

Soak the Cèpes in a bowl of hot water for about 15 mins. In the meantime, sauté butter and shallots  in a  pan for 5 mins. Then add the drained Cèpes and mushrooms and fry for about 10 mins. Add the dried bouillon and 10cl of water and bring to boil. for 1 min. Blend all together until smooth, and season to taste. Serve warm with a few of the sauté Cèpes on top and the parmesan tuiles on the side.

Monochromatic White Christmas Dinner Menu & Recipes -

Main Recipe - Turbot Baked in Olive Oil:

For 6 people - Preparation: 40 mins. Cooking Time: 45 mins.

6 Thick pieces of Turbot without skins * 75cl of Olive Oil * 10cl of Sherry Vinegar * For STOCK: Fish pieces (ask your fishmonger) * 2 chopped shallots * 1 leak chopped (the white part only) * 12cl of white wine * 1 Bouquet garni (herb bundle of bay leaf, thyme and parley) * 4 peppercorns * For SIDE DISH: Potato and  Parsnip puree

Prepare the fish stock: In a pan, add leaks, shallots, fish pieces, bouquet garni, the wine, peppercorns and 70cl of water. Simmer uncovered for 20 mins. Sieve the stock, and put in back on the heat to reduce by about half. Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 or 180 °C. Place the fish on a baking dish, and add the olive oil and vinegar on top. Reduce the oven temperature to gas mark 4 (120°C) and place the fish in the oven for about 10 mins. Take out about 30cl of the cooking liquor  and blend with the warm, reduced fish stock until it resembles the texture of a thin mayonnaise. Season to taste and serve with the fish on a bed of mashed potatoes and parsnips.

Monochromatic White Christmas Dinner Menu & Recipes -

Dessert Recipe - White Yule Log:

For 6 to 8  people - Preparation: 45mins. Cooking Time: 10 mins. + 12hrs refrigeration

6 eggs * 180g sugar * 130g flour * pinch of salt * For frosting: 150g White chocolate * 10g unsalted butter (room temperature) * 250g icing sugar * 350g of Dulce de Leche 

Preheat oven to gas mark 6-7 or 200°C. Separate eggs. Beat egg yolks with sugar, then add the flour. Beat the egg white until fluffy with a pinch of salt, then mix it to the batter mixture,delicately in two stages. Pour mixture onto baking parchment (30 x 40cm) and bake in the over for about 10 mins. Take it out of the oven and place It onto a damp tea towel, peeling back the baking parchment slowly and cover with another damp tea towel. Roll the cake and set aside until completely cool. 

Unroll the cake and spread with Dulce de Leche, then roll it back up on itself, then roll in cling film and refrigerate for 12hrs. Before serving, unroll the cake and cover with the white chocolate butter cream: Beat the icing sugar and butter until smooth. Then melt your white chocolate and add to the butter cream and mix until well combined. Spread on cake and sprinkle with icing sugar. Decorate with edible flowers and snowflakes (From Belle cake Topper and Mould). 

Monochromatic White Christmas Dinner Menu & Recipes -

Dessert Recipe - Chestnut Mont Blanc:

For 4 people - Preparation: 30 mins. 

2 mediums sized white meringues * 500g of Chestnut puree * 20cl of double cream 

Whisk the cream until soft peaks are formed. Break the meringues and add a layer of meringues to a serving glass, followed by a Layer of chestnut puree and a layer of whipped cream. Carry on until the glass is full. Finish with a layer of cream. Sprinkle with silver sugar sprinkles and sever chilled.

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